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2005 Annual Report


  Click here to read the 2005 Annual Report(Adobe .pdf document). Dear Friends, Colleagues, Partners and Supporters of Wellesley Central, Above Continue Reading…

CNA: backgrounder on the social determinants of health

The Canadian Nurses Association has done a backgrounder on the social determinants of health for its members. The Association urges nurses to build Continue Reading…

OHA LHINs and Community Engagement Presentation


LHINs across the province have been consulting with their communities and will be submitting their first integration priority reports in the fall. A critical Continue Reading…

Equity-Driven Public Policy: ‘Wicked’ Evaluation Challenges


There has been increased international attention paid to persistent and pervasive health inequalities, and many countries and international organizations have Continue Reading…

Implementing Health Equity Impact Assessment


I recently spoke to the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Group of the Central LHIN on the Health Equity Impact Assessment pilot project undertaken by The Continue Reading…

Driving Health Equity for Kids: From the Earliest Years to Transforming the System


Health inequalities faced by children are storing up a lifetime of problems.  I recently spoke at a conference on Achieving Health Equity For Kids: Whatever It Continue Reading…

Health Equity Roadmap: Community Health Days


Equity is being emphasized in many Community Health Days organized across the province by Community Health Centres and other local partners.  I spoke at the Continue Reading…

Elevator Speech on Health Equity


It's really hard to boil down complex policy and social challenges into snappy and popular language.  Here is a recent attempt in an interview I did at the Continue Reading…

Using Health Equity Impact Assessment Creatively: Local Mental Health Strategy


To drive health equity into practice we need to be able to identify the specific needs of health disadvantaged populations, key access barriers, and gaps in Continue Reading…

Health Equity Strategy Into Action for Public Health


The Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion has a vital role in supporting an innovative and effective public health system.  The Agency has Continue Reading…