Income Inequality: Where Economics And Social Justice Collide

The gap between the very wealthy and everyone else is currently on the rise throughout North America and Europe. The current trend, where an increasing share of wealth goes to the top 10% income bracket, is taking place in a context of slow economic growth and stalled job creation.

The session will address such questions as:

Is income inequality the historical norm or is it something that comes and goes, driven by events and changing economic trends such as globalization? Is it an inherent outcome of free market capitalism? What is inevitable and what can be changed?

Is the problem income inequality, poverty—or both? What measures/indicators do we use and are they measuring what we think they are?

Can public policy narrow the inequality gap? What are the best levers?

Can one country act effectively or must there be coordinated action?

Do Canadians care about income inequality or is it, as some have argued, an academic preoccupation?

Cost: $45 IPAC members – $60 non-members – $25 students/interns
When: Mon June 16 2014 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM