A Snapshot of Equity Initiatives on LHIN Websites–Mississauga Halton LHIN



Equity Highlights

IHSP 2007-2010

  • The IHSP notes that culturally sensitive service delivery requires significant learning and development to meet the needs of the current and future population
  • The IHSP also mentions transportation as a significant barrier to equitable service access
  • The LHIN also runs ongoing community engagement which supports a commitment to equity and support for diversity in communities

IHSP 2010-2013 Revised Strategic Priorities and Enabling Strategies

  • The LHIN’s strategic priorities include: improving access, quality and sustainability of the health system
  • The LHIN has special plans for Francophone and Aboriginal communities

The website contains a link to MOHLTC Effectiveness Review which discusses the importance of equity but there is very little else on the LHIN’s website explicitly regarding equity