A Snapshot of Equity Initiatives on LHIN Websites–North West LHIN



Equity Highlights

The Northwest LHIN has recently created an Aboriginal Health Services Advisory Committee (it is currently looking for members)


  • The LHIN is committed to equity and respect for diversity in communities, including respecting the requirements of the French Language Services Act and recognizing the role of First Nationals and Aboriginal peoples in the planning and delivery of health services in their communities
  • The LHIN understands that local communities best understand their local health care needs and priorities; the LHIN is committed to ongoing community engagement and will continue to seek knowledge and input in developing local solutions
  • The goal is to improve quality and accessibility to health care services for residents of NW Ontario
  • Equity across providers is a guiding principle
  • Participants in the IHSP discussions identified the need for services in Ojibway, Cree and Oji-Cree (or appropriate translation services that include options for traditional healing and medicines)

The LHIN’s goal was to increase and improve local delivery of health services and improve cultural sensitivity and linguistic accessibility of services provided in district and regional centres