Tackling inequity through a photovoice project on the social determinants of health


The Wellesley Institue’s Dr. Nasim Haque has just released a paper with Global Health Promotion on the St. James Town Photovoice project. Read the abstract below. The St. James Town initiative is the largest ongoing project currently at the Wellesley Institute. It focuses on the health of newcomers to Canada who reside in St. James Town. You can read more about it at www.sjtinitiative.com.

Abstract: St. James Town is the most densely populated vertical immigrant-receiving urban neighbourhood in Canada. The Photovoice project engaged and empowered immigrant residents of St. James Town to influence public policy and secure improved local services for promoting health and well-being. Twenty-seven residents used photography and storytelling to record neighbourhood characteristics and their implications on residents’ health and well-being. Eight participants presented recommendations actionable at neighbourhood level to the councillor and worked with the city to carry out the recommendations made that were recognized as important for neighbourhood residents’ health and well-being. The results indicate Photovoice can be used to generate dialogue on community concerns and priorities and promote community action. (Global Health Promotion, 2011; 18(1): pp. 16–19)