Celebrate Canada Funding

The Department of Canadian Heritage is seeking funding applications for 2006 Celebrate Canada! activities.

Celebrate Canada!is an annual 11-day celebration of Canadian heritage, including National Aboriginal Day, on June 21, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day on June 24, Canadian Multiculturalism Day on June 27 and culminating with Canada Day on July 1. Priority may be given to activities held on the specific 4 dates of Celebrate Canada!

Funding will be considered for inclusive community events publicly identified as Celebrate Canada! activities, including expenses for promotion, entertainment, supplies and equipment. Funding is intended to assist with start-up costs of Celebrate Canada! projects.

Non-governmental organizations, ad-hoc committees, community associations and charitable organizations, municipal governments, public and private schools, school boards and other educational institutions, as well as public and private corporations (with the exception of Crown Corporations), are all eligible to apply for funding. Applications must be postmarked no later than Friday, March 31, 2006.

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*Joan Roberts, Director – Capacity Building & Knowledge Exchange