End homelessness in Canada in ten years: First glimpse at plans for powerful new national voice

Plans are underway for a powerful new national voice in Canada to end homelessness. Tim Richter from the Calgary Homeless Foundation recently delivered a presentation that provides an overview of the new organization. Stay tuned for more details in the new year. Alberta’s Seven Cities Partnership has been effective in developing community plans to end homelessness, then moving upwards to engage the provincial government. The model of building from the community up is at the centre of the plans for the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness – which seeks to move from municipalities to provinces and territories and then to the federal level. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is among many national organizations calling for a national plan to end homelessness. The Wellesley Institute’s Precarious Housing in Canada 2010 sets out housing issues and solutions, and our on-line e-map lists housing and homelessness initiatives across the country (more can be added using the link on the page). The Homeless Hub is a vibrant national portal on housing and homelessness issues and solutions.