The Wellesley Institute is moving – seven days to our bigger, better, brighter offices!

The Wellesley Institute is moving on June 6 to our bigger, better and brighter offices on Alcorn Avenue. The move isn’t entirely voluntary – we had to leave our Charles Street premises as the owner is set to “condominiumize” the building. However, workers have spent the past month renovating our new space on Alcorn and, not only is the new office bigger to accommodate a growing core staff, but we’ll also have new collaboration and community space for our work with our partners. ”As we begin the next decade of the Wellesley Institute, our vision has expanded to focus on creating a healthier and more equitable Greater Toronto Area and other urban centres”, says Wellesley Institute CEO Rick Blickstead in our latest newsletter. Basic contact information (telephone, fax, e-mail, mobile) remains the same for WI staff, but please bear with us as we complete the move.