Community-Based Research Workshops

Due to popular demand, Wellesley Institute has made its community-based research (CBR) and capacity-building workshop materials available for public use.

Brief History

Wellesley Institute offered a highly successful CBR and capacity-building program for local researchers over a number of years.  Over twenty workshops were delivered on topics spanning both the conceptual (e.g., ethics, theories in health promotion, methods, etc.) and practical aspects of CBR and capacity-building (e.g., how to conduct a literature review, how to run a focus group, how to analyze data, etc.).  A full description of each of these workshops is provided.  The workshops were very well-attended and addressed the need for local training in research and policy at an affordable price.

Current Situation

In 2009, we shifted our strategic direction to focus more on population health and undertake research that more closely addresses this new focus.   However, given the popularity of the workshops and the ongoing need and demand for training in CBR and capacity-building, we have made the workshop materials (including presentations, trainers’ guides and other resources) available on the website for easy downloading and adaptation to suit the needs of diverse audiences.  While we realize that the real value of workshops is in the interaction that takes place face-to-face, we hope that this material will still be useful for others to develop for their own purposes. We would be very interested in hearing how people have adpated this material and how it has worked out.

Creative Commons License

The workshops are available free for download. We want to encourage the circulation of the materials as widely as possible under the open access publishing license.

Users are welcome to download, copy, distribute and transmit this work electronically or in any other format subject to the conditions set out in the Creative Commons l Attribution-Noncommercial-Alike 2.5 Canada License.

In particular:

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CBR Workshops Descriptions Table

Capacity Building Workshops Descriptions Table

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Some of these ‘how to’ CBR workshops were about how to maximize the policy potential of research. In addtion, we have ocassionaly developed more specific workshops on developing policy analyses and winning arguments on various health equity issues: for example for public health purposes and for health promotion.

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