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CNA: backgrounder on the social determinants of health

The Canadian Nurses Association has done a backgrounder on the social determinants of health for its members. The Association urges nurses to build Continue Reading…

Federal Homelessness Cuts: Bad Now, Worse to Come


Bad now , worse to come: That's the verdict in the Wellesley Institute backgrounder on cuts to the federal homelessness program. Continue Reading…

Torontos Sheltered Homeless: Up or Down? (September 2006)


There are more men, women and youth sleeping every night in Toronto's shelters in 2006 than 2002, but the number of families is down. Continue Reading…

Are the Poor Allowed to Ask for Help? Anti-panhandling Law may be Illegal (September 2006)


Does Toronto have the legal power to ban panhandling on city streets? What would be the costs? This backgrounder reviews some of the key issues as a municipal Continue Reading…

Wellesley Institute Ontario Provincial Pre-Budget Backgrounder (March 2007)


Ontario's spending on affordable housing has been flatlined for several years , one reason why the provincial government has fallen far short of the targets Continue Reading…

Wellesley Institute Federal Pre-Budget Backgrounder (March 2007)


Millions of Canadians are suffering in a nation-wide affordable housing crisis, even though Canada is one of the richest countries in the world. Continue Reading…

Overview: Key Challenges Facing the LHINs

LHINs Bckgrndr Current Policy Challenges-thumb

Download this file Continue Reading…

Health Equity Into Policy Action: FAQs

Health Equity into PA_faq-thumb

These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are designed to provide a basic overview of health equity. Download this file Continue Reading…

Effective Community Engagement Options

Backgrounder - Community Engagement Options-thumb

There are many community engagement approaches and tools.  One critical challenge is matching the purpose -- whether ensuring input to planning or mobilizing Continue Reading…

Public Participation in Health Care Decision, Making and Priority-Setting: Examples from Some Canadian Jurisdictions and the U.K

Comparative engagement in regional planning-thumb

Download this file Continue Reading…