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Community-Based Public Participation in Health Care Decision-making and priority-setting: Approches in Canada and Around the World

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Download this file Continue Reading…

Resources on Community Engagement in Health Planning

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Submission to: House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance – Pre-Budget Consultations – 2007


Outlining the need for a fair tax system to deliver solid investments in a healthy and prosperous Canada. Download this file Continue Reading…

Toronto City Council Must Invest In Building a Great City with Homes for All

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This Wellesley Institute backgrounder underscores the need for Toronto City Council to invest in building a great city with home for all in this Toronto 2007 Continue Reading…

U.S. Homeless Czar Mangano Preaches Local Action as U.S. Federal Government Cuts Funding

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Philip Mangano, was appointed as U.S. President Bush’s “homeless czar”, traveling across the U.S. - and Canada - spreading the message that local Continue Reading…

Physical and Sexual Violence Rates for Homeless Many Times Higher Than Housed

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The murder in Toronto of Bly ‘California’ Markis, 33, a homeless woman, in late April 2007, focused attention on the violence that people who are homeless Continue Reading…

Counting Toronto's Homeless People


Toronto’s homeless street count and needs assessment has generated plenty of controversy. This Wellesley Institute backgrounder, prepared by Michael Shapcott, Continue Reading…

Federal Role in Housing: Constitutional and legal issues


This Wellesley Institute  backgrounder, by Michael Shapcott looks at the constitutional and legal issues regarding the federal role in housing in Continue Reading…

Killer Heat, Killer Smog: Six recommendations to build on the report from the Medical Officer of health on short, medium and long-term strategies to deal with urban heat and smog.


Increasingly high summer temperatures have an impact on the health of all, especially the poor and elderly. This Wellesely Institute backgrounder provides a Continue Reading…

Status of Affordable Housing and Shelter Initiatives in Toronto (June 2006)


The intent was good, but the process was fatally flawed. City officials say that they want to get a better sense of the scope and scale of Toronto’s homeless Continue Reading…