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Housing and the Ontario Election 2007


Ontario’s affordable housing crisis remains deep and persistent. More than 600,000 households (that’s more than 1.5 million women, men and children) are in Continue Reading…

Ten Things you should know about Housing and Homelessness


Everyone in Canada has the right to a safe, secure, adequate and affordable home. The federal government is obliged in international law to ensure people have a Continue Reading…

National Housing Day 2007: Despite promises, few new homes and scarce dollars


National Housing Day is November 22, 2007 – which marks the day in 1998 when the mayors of Canada’s biggest cities declared homelessness a “national Continue Reading…

Toronto’s 2008 Municipal Budget Needs to "Seed" 10-Year Housing Strategy


A look at Toronto's 2008 operating budget, its 10-year housing strategy, and the need to reverse urban development trends. Download this file Continue Reading…

National Housing Report Card 2008


National Housing Report Card 2008 reveals that the federal government and eight of the thirteen provinces and territories have failed to meet the commitments Continue Reading…

WI backgrounder: 15 times more money for roads than for homes?


Ontario’s 2008 Budget is long on language, but short where it counts the most: The dollars fall short of the words. Budgets are about choices and, Continue Reading…

Income inequality, increased housing insecurity, and growing health inequities: an analysis of Statistics Canada’s income and housing census figures


An analysis of the housing and income figures released in May 2008, with a look at historical data and trends. Download this file Continue Reading…

Health Equity Roundtables Dialogue Highlights


The Health Equity Roundtables were held on December 5 and 6, 2007, hosted by The Wellesley Institute, Toronto, Ontario. Thirty five participants, bringing Continue Reading…

Addressing Health Disparities in Regional Health Authorities


Commissioned by the Wellesley Institute, this research report examines equity strategies of regional health authorities (RHAs) across Canada. Continue Reading…

Ontario’s Health-Based Allocation Model through an equity lens


Commissioned by the Wellesley Institute, this research report examines the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care new Health Based Allocation Model Continue Reading…