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LHINs, Health Reform and HIV/AIDS Care


Presentation to the Ontario Society of Physicians in HIV Care by Bob Gardner, Director of Public Policy. November 28th, 2006.  Continue Reading…

Driving health equity into action: Bob Gardner at Ryerson Conference


Policy makers, community partners, scholars, and students explored the challenges and issues surrounding a more equitable Canada last Saturday. The Wellesley Continue Reading…

Pre-Condition to Health Equity: Breaking Down Language Barriers


Dr Bob Gardner opened the annual general meeting of the Healthcare Interpretation Network with this presentation.  He  argues that language is a crucial Continue Reading…

Homes for Toronto: Presentation on what we can learn from our history


The history of housing in Toronto – and Canada – has been a series of ups and downs. We’ve had many successes, but we’ve also had periods of drought, Continue Reading…

Housing and homelessness: Presentation to Ryerson University students


The Wellesley Institute’s Director of Housing and Innovation delivered a presentation on housing and homelessness to George Brown College students on January Continue Reading…

SJT Initiative Presentation–City Hall Presentation

SJT Initiative

This is a presentation of research results and selected action items arising from the Community Mapping and Photovoice research projects conducted in St. James Continue Reading…

Blueprint for Health Equity


Presentation to the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions Conference by Bob Gardner, Director of Public Policy.  August 2007.  Continue Reading…

Thriving in Turbulent Times


The Wellesley Institute’s Rick Blickstead , Michael Shapcott , and Aerin Guy presented to the London, ON based Pillars Non-Profit Network on May 4, 2009.  As Continue Reading…

Housing, homelessness, income and health: Presentation notes


The Wellesley Institute’s Director of Housing and Innovation, Michael Shapcott, sets out the links between housing, homelessness, income and health and draws Continue Reading…

Drawing Out Links: Health Equity, Social Determinants of Health, and Social Policy


The Wellesley Institute engages in policy development and advocacy to advance population health. Our work also sees us working with researchers and community Continue Reading…