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Childhood obesity: What we can do right now

This morning, Dr. Monika Dutt, Cape Breton’s Medical Officer of Health, spoke to CBC Radio about options and opportunities to reduce the health impacts of Continue Reading…

Building Health Equity In: Drawing on Community Innovation


One of the critical problems facing the health system is inequitable access to health promotion, treatment and other services; especially for those facing Continue Reading…

Vibrant, effective, innovative community sector and population health: Exploring the links


An effective and innovative community sector can help to shape opportunities for good health and, in particular, play a role in addressing health disparities Continue Reading…

Reducing Disparities and Improving Population Health: The role of a vibrant community sector


Reducing Disparities and Improving Population Health (2011) Audrey Danaher Through a review of the literature on the links between population health, the Continue Reading…

Building Equity and Social Determinants of Health Into ‘Healthy Communities’ Planning


View more presentations from Wellesley Institute. Continue Reading…