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Community Health Centres of Greater Toronto Health Equity Plan


Leading LHINs (Local Health Integration Networks) in Ontario and Regional Health Authorities across the country have prioritized reducing systemic health Continue Reading…

Public Health is a Key Driver for Health Equity


Public health have long been leaders in advancing health equity: whether developing comprehensive equity strategies, conducting local research on the roots of Continue Reading…

Building Equity Into Ontario’s New Health Care Action Plan


The Minister of Health and Long-Term Care recently released an ambitious plan to transform Ontario’s health-care system. It identifies key drivers of change Continue Reading…

Building Health Equity In: Drawing on Community Innovation


One of the critical problems facing the health system is inequitable access to health promotion, treatment and other services; especially for those facing Continue Reading…

Knowledge Exchange With Policy Impact


I recently spoke at a national conference on The Art and Science of Knowledge Exchange on maximizing policy impact. The focus of the conference was on HIV/AIDS Continue Reading…

Addressing Systemic Access Barriers: the Potential of Peer Health Ambassadors and other Community-Based Innovation


Addressing systemic barriers in access to care is one of the crucial challenges facing the Ontario health system. One such area is inequitable access to Continue Reading…

Local Collaborations to Advance Health Equity


Building broad local partnerships and collaborations among service providers, community agencies and residents is one vital part of driving health equity into Continue Reading…

Public Health, Priority Populations and Driving Health Equity Into Action


Public health have long been leaders in health equity strategy (see Sudbury's Ten Promising Practices). One key direction has been working with local Continue Reading…

Complex social and policy problems require sophisticated planning tools and strategy


This is a presentation to the policy and management staff at the Canadian Mental Health Association -- Ontario on how Health Equity Impact Assessment, Mental Continue Reading…

Implementing Mental Health Equity in Hospitals


Mental health is a crucial part of health and health equity.  I presented to Grand Rounds Psychiatry at a Toronto academic hospital on how to build equity into Continue Reading…