New national movement to end homelessness launched today

The Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness was officially launched today. The alliance aims to work with partners across the country, and at the national level, to create a national movement to prevent and end homelessness across Canada. At the heart of the work is “A Plan not a Dream” – which sets out a strategy to move from aspiring to end homelessness to actually preventing and ending homelessness. How can this happen?

“The Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness has been formed to build a national movement to end homelessness from the community up.”

“We believe we can end homelessness in Canada. We believe we can do it one person, village, town, city and province at a time. What’s needed is a Plan.”

“There are plenty of people at the local level across Canada who have the knowledge and the expertise to get the job done. Everything you need to know to end homelessness is known in your communities or is available from others. There are many effective partnerships at the community level that engage government, non-profit agencies and private sector groups in innovative initiatives. And the financial resources exist.”

“What’s missing is a practical, community-based approach that shifts the focus from managing homelessness to a system focused on ending it. We need to move from crisis responses (like shelters and soup kitchens) to solutions – permanent, appropriate, safe and affordable housing with the support necessary to sustain it.”

A Plan, Not a Dream: How to End Homelessness in 10 Years spells out how Canadian communities can end homelessness in 10 years or less by outlining the critical ingredients of a community-based 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness.”

The strategy to prevent and end homelessness involves building from the community up. In many parts of the country, there are robust groups and active individuals who are making a positive difference. The new Canadian Alliance aims to link them together into a powerful movement, and add strong voices from communities that still need an individual or a small group to get the ball rolling. From the local to the national, we can prevent and end homelessness in Canada.

The Wellesley Institute is proud to be a partner with the Calgary Homeless Foundation and many others in this important new national alliance.

The official announcement of the launch of the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness was made in Calgary this morning:

For more information, check out the website.