Precarious Housing in Canada (2010)

Precarious Housing in Canada (2010) is a powerful, new research and policy report from the Wellesley Institute. Using the most comprehensive and current data, research and analysis, Precarious Housing sets out a pragmatic, five-point plan targeted to the millions of Canadians who are living in substandard, over-crowded and unaffordable homes – plus those who are living without any housing at all. Housing is one of the most important factors for a healthy life. A good home is important for individuals and for overall population health. The growing number of Canadians who are precariously housed continues to be a deep and persistent problem throughout the country; the nation-wide affordable housing crisis is costly to individuals, communities, the economy, and the government. Federal housing and homelessness investments – adjusted for inflation and population growth – have been shrinking over the past two decades; and, while the federal government announces short-term initiatives from time to time, Canada still doesn’t have a comprehensive, fully-funded and integrated national housing strategy.

Download the full Precarious Housing in Canada report.

Download the Executive Summary.

Download Part One: Framing the challenge .

Download Part Two: Vision 2020, toward a national housing plan.


  1. Solution -every born in Canada Canadian birthright be granted 1 acre of land for which they are to be able to do what they wish on.With so much land why anyone should be homeless is beyond me.I am currently living in a womens shelter becuase i cannot keep up with the costs associated with heating a RENTAL!Go figure if I had land I could develop a homestead from found objects and create a green solution that costs next to nothing to heat.The elephants in the nations room are the homeless.Its seemingly only getting worse as born in Canada Canadians needs are placed last on the list.Transiency is costly to us all as soem greedy landlords want to get as much money for as crappy a place as possible to pay for their third and forth home.GREED.SO GROSE!!!!

  2. This is really great report. An important step to build real discussion around homelessness in Canada. The crux lies on how we disseminate this report so our decision maker read it. Advocacy and activism on affordable housing is a must.

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